Planned Litters 2015

UK - Spring 2015

Tyrodal Man on a Mission NUA “Nine” X Tyrodal Xtra Factor NUA “Ffion”

Breeder: Julie Evans (Tyrodal)

First NUA x NUA mating in UK. 


Nine Pedigree: 


Ffion Pedigree:  


UK - Spring 2015


Breeder: Dr Elizabeth Sampson (Dalstorm Dalmatians)

This litter is long planned and eagerly anticipated.  We are hopeful that puppies will arrive in March and be read for their new homes in May. 

Humphrey is a gorgeous liver boy who lives in Germany.  I have long admired his sister Polly, Caprilli’s In the Mood de Dalticino, and her mother Tilley.  So I began my quest to find a brother who might have all her attributes.  Humphrey was the answer and he has those attributes and more!  Julie Evans judged him in Germany in 2013 and awarded him Best in Show as she was so impressed with his wonderful construction and movement.  I was fortunate enough to be able to meet him earlier this year and was happy to find that he also has a temperament second to none.  Since then he has become an international champion and has sired three litters in Europe, all with excellent hearing.  Many of his children have now gone on to win in the show ring themselves.



hump ped

Humphrey Health tests:

BEAR +/+

Hips A

DM normal

Thyroid normal

Full dentition

Colour bb/EE

Jazz is our special home bred girl, daughter of Sally, Stocklore Sally Forth and Jake, Tyrodal Special Feature.  Fortunately she carries is the LUA gene and we hope she will pass this on to many of her offspring.  She has a very friendly outgoing temperament with plenty of energy.  She loves to greet everyone with an enormous smile which reveals all her teeth.  She has excellent bone and construction and lovely movement which has led to considerable success in the show ring.  Her pigment and spotting is particularly good and she has very dark eyes.  She comes from a litter of 12 fully hearing puppies and her mother subsequently had 11 fully hearing puppies in her second litter.




Jazz Health tests:

BAER +/+

Hips 5/6

Elbows 1

Full dentition

Colour Bb/EE

The coefficient of inbreeding for this litter is only 1%

We expect approximately half of the litter to carry the LUA gene and half to be liver spotted.


Breeder: Benedetta Merlo (Spotrain Dalmatians)

LUA Litter

Quel non so che di Cosetta delle Crose Ch.Fiacre's i'll Have Another at Rim Rock
Baer +/+, HUA (hu/hu), Complete Dentition Baer +/+, LUA (N/hu), Penn Hip 0.38/0.39
Lemon Free EE, Dominant Black BB Long Coat Free LL, Carries Liver Bb
Italian Selected Brood Bitch DM Free, Thyroid tbd

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