Welcome to the NUA Information Site!

We hope that you find this site informative and that you can join us in our aim to rectify a serious genetic defect in our breed. The integration of Dalmatians with the gene for Normal Uric Acid levels (NUA Dalmatians) into British, Irish and continental European bloodlines will not only help spread the healthy NUA gene but also increase the breed's genetic diversity.  

If you have any questions about NUA Dalmatians and the project, please contact us here.


If you are a breeder looking to introduce the NUA gene into your line then you will find a wealth of information on this site to help guide you in your decision. You may find the 'Dogs' and 'Bitches' of interest as well as the 'Current Litters' and 'Planned Litters' pages. 


If you are a potential owner looking for a NUA dalmatian then you will find the appropriate contacts on this website under the 'Current Litters' and 'Planned Litters' pages.